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7 occasions to wear a Kigurumi

1) Always. Ok, we’re done. Let’s all go home!

We’re just kidding. Even though many of us are hardcore Kigurumi wearers , and we would spend the every day wearing our beloved Kigu, we believe that there is the right Kigurumi for the right moment, whether it is a cold winter night or a party between friends..
That’s why we made up a list of the 7 best occasions to wear our soft animal-shaped costumes.

1) Bingewatching of your favourite tv series

Girl wearing a Dinosaur Kigurumi while watching a tv series on the laptop

We believe there is a special bond between the words “Kigurumi” and “Couch”. Maybe because they’re both so soft, and they both make us think of those rainy nights, when we stay at home and we are happy about it.
So you might as well make yourself confortable, open Netflix and brace yourself for a crazy bingewatching of the newest tv series.

We already thought about the pop-corns, are you buying the beers?

2) Halloween

Girl wearing a Skeleton Kigurumi on Halloween, making a face

Monsters, ghosts, werewolfs. Yeah, of course, it’s everything so scary, but nothing could terrify someone as much as your Skeleton Kigurumi!
Or you’d rather the misterious Midnight Cat Kigurumi? Get ready to haunt your neighborhood!

3) Smartworking

A man wearing a Cangaroo Kigurumi while smartworking

Ah, there’s nothing better than a whole day spent in smartworking. No getting up at 7 o’clock in the morning, no annoying co-workers, just you, your job, and your trusted Kigurumi.
Honestly, we can’t work without our Kangaroo Kigurumi, how about you?

4) Sleepover with friends

Four girls wearing four Unicorn Kigurumis (two Rainbow, one Pastel Star and one Blue) during a sleepover

Let’s all party together! And, as we know, a party is not a party, without our quirky Kigurumi.
We thought about some unique and funny animal, like the Lemur Kigurumi or the Dinosaur Kigurumi
What are your waiting for? Put on some music and let’s start the party!

5) Day in the snow

A girl wearing happily a Blue Unicorn Kigurumi during a day on the slopes

No place is too much cold, if you wear a Kigurumi: it will keep you warm and it will make you feel like you never got out from your pajama.
This winter will you go skiing, or will you just enjoy the fresh mountain air? Don’t forget then to put a Kigurumi in your lagguage. You will not regret this

6) Live on twitch

A girl wearing a Shark Kigurumi, while going live on Twitch

This one if for the big and small streamer, who always want amaze their followers and at the same time filling them with sweetness.
Hai aperto un canale di gaming? Wear a Kigurumi while you play live at the newest game. Your follower will love it, and they will want one for themselves!

7) A cold rainy night

Girl wearing a Sloth Kigurumi while enjoying an herbal tea at home

No reason to get out from home.
It’s time to put on a Sloth Kigurumi or a Panda Kigurumi, make a tea and enjoy a relaxing night.

A girl wears happily a Dinosaur Kigurumi in a crowded street

In conclusion, we wanted to tell you that we said only the best occasion to wear a Kigurumi, that doesn’t mean that you couldn’t wear it where and when you desire.
You can use it to go shopping, or to hang out with friends, or even to walk on the Red Carpet, as we have seen many celebrities doing it in our previous article.
If you have fun with it and you like to wear it, the rest doesn’t matter.


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