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What are Kigurumi?

HI! If you're here it's probably because you're trying to understand what a kigurumi is, you'd like to know which ones are the best, or maybe you're just looking for a good reason to buy one.

Well, good news, in this article you will find all the answers you are looking for!

Continuing with the reading we will help you to get to know the colorful world of kigurumi, starting from the history of these Japanese animal-shaped pajamas up to the 5 reasons why you absolutely must have one in your closet.

Are you ready? Let's start.

Let's start with the basics: what does "kigurumi" mean?

Some call them pajamas, some coveralls and few, very few call them by their own name or Kigurumi. But what does the word “kigurumi” mean?

"Kigurumi" comes from the union of two Japanese words: "kiru" (meaning to wear) and "nigurumi" (plush toy). This means that Kigurumi literally means "wearable stuffed animal". Fascinating feature of Japanese words isn't it?

Now let's move on to pronunciation. The term kigurumi is pronounced exactly as it is read: Ki-gu-ru-mi. Sound difficult? Don't worry you can always call them "kigu", those who know them will understand you anyway.

Where are kigurumi born? A bit of history

Being a fairly recent fad, chances are you first saw kigurumi pajamas not too long ago. These cute animal costumes have actually been around for a lot longer than we think.

Yes, the first kigurumi made their appearance in Japan in the early nineties and in a short time they became iconic items of Japanese pop fashion. Even today, walking the streets of Shibuya, one of Tokyo's hipster neighborhoods, it's not uncommon to meet people wearing one.

But we all know that every product is always associated with a brand. For example if I say "jeans" we all think of Levi's. The same is true for kigurumi because Sazac was the company that first invented these products in 1996 and that has made them famous all over the world up to the present day.

This Japanese brand, which has existed for almost 30 years, and still today holds the record of the best kigurumi on the market for the quality of the materials, for the care of the finishes and for the obsessive attention to detail that they pour into every kigurumi they produce.

Their products are also the only ones considered original, despite the fact that many other companies, riding the wave of fashion, have tried to imitate them.

Would you like to know more? Go read our article on how to recognize an original Sazac kigurumi.

But let's get back to us.

Remember when we told you that kigurumi first spread to Japan? Well, we weren't lying, but mind you, that was just the beginning. In recent years, Kigu-mania has also conquered thousands of European and American hearts, to the point of treading the red carpet with their own kigurumi worn by stars such as Ariana Grande, Cara Delevingne or Miley Cyrus.

In short, the Japanese brand has managed to expand all over the world over the years and today it has also landed here in Italy, choosing us at as the first official retailer.

And we couldn't be more proud of it.

Now that we've introduced you to the world of kigu and their history, we think it's time to tell you the reasons why you absolutely must have a kigurumi in your closet.

Here are 5 reasons to have a kigurumi in your closet:

1. They are comfortable, cheerful and colourful

They are comfortable because their fleece fabric makes them warm and very soft, plus their "oversize" fit will give you the feeling of wearing nothing. They are cheerful because thanks to their details they put a smile on your face and it is impossible to resist them. And last but not least, they are colored with pastel shades that will give a touch of light to your days.

2. They make us unique in an instant

Having a kigurumi will give you the opportunity to transform into your favorite animal whenever you want, plus once you wear it you won't be able to do without it because you'll feel unique and stand out from the crowd without working too hard!

3. A kigurumi is also (and above all) pajamas

Kigurumi has always been synonymous with pampering. The pile it is made of makes these "pyjamas" an excellent garment for cuddling and warming up in bed alone or in company. It's not a classic pajama, it's like cuddling inside your favorite stuffed animal.

4. They are suitable for all people

Kigurumis are inspired by animals, both imaginary and otherwise, and this feature makes them unisex. In fact, these pajamas are one of a kind for this reason too. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman, tall or short, they'll fit you perfectly.

5. One size fits all kigurumi

Sazac kigurumi do not follow traditional measurements but, as they fit comfortably, they only have 2 sizes that differ only in height: Regular and X-Tall.

If you want to know more about kigurumi sizes read our size guide .

When to wear a kigurumi?

Now we can answer the last question you are asking yourself, perhaps even the most important: on what occasion can I wear my kigurumi?

Many might naively think that kigu are just original pajamas, but in reality they can be much more:

The best garment to wear at home

If you want to use them more classically, kigurumi are the best winter pajamas you can sleep in. Think of them as soft, warm sleeping bags that will keep you warm indoors.

Ready to use costume for parties or concerts

Have you ever been invited to a theme party and didn't know what to wear? Well, with a kigurumi you won't have this problem anymore because you can easily wear it even over your clothes. Convenient and fast!

Unforgettable souvenir photos

Or has it ever happened to you during a trip that you wanted a unique, unforgettable photo that is popular on social media? Surely with a kigurumi the surprise effect will be incredible.

From this article you have learned to better understand those "pajamas" that you have occasionally seen around and of which you knew nothing, not even their name! We hope we have given you an extra suggestion and information that will allow you to buy your new onesie and use it in the best possible way and on the most varied occasions.

One last thing...

Don't call them pajamas anymore, their name is Kigurumi! :)


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