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How to recognize an original kigurumi?

In this article we will explain the history of the Japanese brand that produces the best quality Kigurumi in the world and you will understand how to distinguish them from low quality Chinese imitations.

Before showing you how to recognize a SAZAC Original Kigurumi, we want to explain to you what it means for us to be their resellers.

Let's start from the beginning. Who Invented Kigurumi?

If you have already got to know this product and have become a fan of it, you will know that the company that first invented Kigurumi in 1996 is called SAZAC .

SAZAC is a Japanese Brand that since its inception has never stopped investing all its time in the creation of fantastic Kigurumi.

In addition to the passion they put into designing their products, the SAZAC brand has very strict guidelines to respect during the production of their Kigurumi, and this is precisely the reason why this brand still holds the record for quality and attention to detail its products.

Ok but are there other kigurumi producers?

Having said that, a question may arise spontaneously: why today if we type the word "kigurumi" on google do we find different items with different prices and brands?

The answer is obvious. After kigurumi became a real trend all over the world other brands tried (with little success) to imitate SAZAC Original Kigurumi.

And up to here everything is clear, but why do some kigurumi cost €30 and others €100?

Here, too, finding the answer is quite easy. Chinese manufacturers who imitate SAZAC Kigurumi, trying to exploit the "price" factor, are forced to save money by using poor quality materials and not paying attention to the infinite details of their kigurumi with precision.

To give you an idea, it's like deciding to buy a counterfeit Gucci bag at a lower price, or deciding to spend more and buy the original bag.

The original brand will surely have used the best materials, will have taken care of the details more carefully and will be branded with the original stamp of the brand.

Is simple. Anyone who decides to buy an Original Sazac Kigurumi is deciding to invest more in a product that will have the best quality in its category and above all that will last over time.

Here are the differences between an Original SAZAC Kigurumi and an imitation?

To help you understand we show you a photo. See the difference for yourself:

Comparison SAZAC vs imitations

From this image you can easily see how these two kigurumi are different from each other in several respects:

  • Materials

    The material of SAZAC Original Kigurumi is 100% first quality Fleece, warm and soft to the touch. Non-original kigurumi, on the other hand, are made with inferior materials that give an unpleasant sensation to the touch and in some cases can cause allergies.

  • Trims and buttons

    The buttons of SAZAC Kigurumi are thicker, solid and resistant over time. buttons of non-original kigurumi, on the other hand, are smaller and more fragile and it is easier for them to break or detach.

  • Animal details

    In the original SAZAC Kigurumi, attention to detail is the basis of everything. Each Kigurumi represents the animal it is inspired by in an impeccable way. If instead we look at "the others" we notice how the details are less few and how the representation of the animal they are inspired by is much more superficial.

These are just some of the differences between the two products, but we would like to emphasize that our considerations have not been made to discredit other retailers but simply to explain and justify all the work and dedication behind the creation of a Kigurumi SAZAC compared to all other "similar" but lower quality products on the market.

In the video below we have compared two Kigurumi, one with the SAZAC quality mark and another bought on another site, what we have discovered is incredible.

The creation of this video and the tests on these products were important for us to understand the quality of the kigurumi we are selling and in this way they gave us the possibility to have the certainty of giving a high quality product to our potential buyers.

So why should I choose a Kigurumi SAZAC?

Because if you decide to buy one , you will understand with your own eyes that you have paid for a product that has been worked with extreme care and with high quality materials.

In addition, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our SAZAC Kigurumi, you can return it to us within 30 days and receive a refund for your order.

Now you have no more excuses.

Discover the models available in our catalogue , choose your favorite and order a REAL Japanese Kigurumi now! :)


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